Cary Town Band - Past Concerts 2017 - 2018

Concerts are listed starting with the most recent at the top and digressing backwards.

Winterfest '17

Friday, Dec 15, 2017, 7:30 PM
Cary Senior Center, Bond Park
Cary, NC

It’s December again, time for the band to join with the Cary Senior Center in our ninth annual musical celebration of the holiday season, Winterfest ’17. As requested, we’ll continue to have the very popular carol sing-along. (Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite carols.) We will again feature a few smaller ensembles of band members bringing you holiday favorites. There'll be music to celebrate your favorite holiday festivities - Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, maybe New Years, and of course, a Sleigh Ride or two. Come enjoy all your favorite holiday melodies at Winterfest ‘17.

See the Winterfest '17 concert poster

The Concert Silly Prizes for this concert - For attendees who brought their tickets:
* First a bag to hold everything.
* For Chanukah is Here – a candle in the blue and white colors of the holiday. We couldn’t afford 8 candles – so you’ll have to light this one 8 times….
* For Twas the Night Before Christmas – Santa Clause – just coming down the chimney.
* For Catalonian Carol - we couldn’t find anything “Catalonian” – but we did find something “cannoli”-an – a two-pack of cannoli. Not quite Catalonian, but close.
* For Mele Kalikimaka – “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian (from the Trombone Ensemble) – a 2018 calendar with 12 months of pictures of tropical Hawaiian beaches. And a can of Hawaiian pineapple to make some Christmas Pineapple pancakes (or something like that).
* From the Woodwind Quintet – They’ve provided a holiday mailbox tin filled with a quintet of chocolate bars – 5 different flavors.
* For the Christmas Concerto (played by he Woodwind Quintet) by Arcangelo Corelli, a bowl of Corel-e ware for your breakfast cereal or whatever.
* and lastly – for Roses de Noel or “Christmas Roses” waltz – a real, live Christmas Rose plant, also known as a Hellebore plant. And it’s blooming in this Christmas season.
Congratulations to the drawing winner: Margie Maddox of Cary, NC.

Concert Performance Order:

400 Adeste Fideles * Arr. James D. Ployhar
644 Chanukah is Here * Traditional
Arr. Calvin Custer
  CTB Clarinet Quartet Bennie Fussell, Doug Kelly,
Edward Hall, Ira Gross
  Ave Maria * Franz Schubert
Arr. Luis Espadana
  March of the Little Tin Soldiers * Gabriel Pierne
458 Twas The Night Before Christmas
       Narrator - Jerry Windle
Poem - Clement C. Moore
Music - Newell H. Long
  CTB Woodwind Quintet Elizabeth Holoman, Virginia Carty, Lucy Eyre, Joan Fleming, Calvin Eyre
  Christmas Concerto * Arcangelo Corelli
Arr. Lisa Portus
663 On a Catalonian Carol
(El Noi de la Mare)
.Arr. Randall Standridge
  CTB Brass Quintet Milton Carawan, Meryl Moore, Scott Stupak, Connie Varner, Bill White
  Troika (from Lt. Kije Suite) * Sergei Prokofieff,
Arr. Jerry Lanning
  The Christmas Song * Mel Torme and Robert Wells
Arr. Luther Henderson
664 Roses de Noel * Emile Waldteufel
Arr. Jerry Brubaker
  CTB Trombone Ensemble Yoshi Nakamura, Connie Varner, Frank Hoss, Paul Frontiero, Teresa Jade, Michelle Baker
  Gesu Bambino * Pietro Yon, Arr. William Ryden
  Mele Kalikimaka * Robert Alex Anderson
Arr. Mark Divers
  Sing Along Songs: 4 or 5 songs selected by the audience from this list:  
674 Away in a Manger (Sing-Along) * James R. Murray
Arr. Connie Varner
B45 Jingle Bells * J. Pierpont
B46 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing * Charles Wesley, Felix Mendelssohn
B42 Silent Night * Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
413 Sleigh Ride * Leroy Anderson
462 Twenty Carols in 2 Minutes (Encore) Various
Arr. Mark Williams
* Selection requested by band or audience members.

Veteran's Day Celebration

Friday, November 10, 2017, 11:00 am
Kraft Family YMCA
8921 Holly Springs Road
Apex, NC

Concert Performance Order:

B3 America the Beautiful Samuel A. Ward
118 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine John Philip Sousa
647 10th Regiment March * R. B. Hall
---- Amazing Grace Traditional - William Walker
Arr. CTB ad lib
3 Armed Forces Salute * Bob Lowden
673 God Bless America * Irvine Berlin
Arr. Connie Varner
---- Taps - CTB - Milton Carawan  
70 The Stars and Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa
* Selection requested by band or audience members.

Veterans' Luncheon

Thursday, November 09, 2017, 11:30 am
Herb Young Community Center
Cary, NC

** Note the day - Thursday - vs the usual Friday **

Concert Performance Order:

3 Armed Forces Salute * Bob Lowden
84b Star Spangled Banner ª F.S. Key / W. Damrosch,
Arr. John Philip Sousa
376 God Bless America ª Irvine Berlin
Arr. John Moss and
Keith Christopher
---- Taps (CTB - Jim Murphy)  
118 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine John Philip Sousa
CCS Anthem Arr. John Purifoy
CCS The Lord is My Shepherd Arr. Robert G. Newton
CCS Eternal Father, Strong to Save JOhn B. Dykes
647 10th Regiment March * R. B. Hall
B5 Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean Traditional
B6 America ª Muzio Clementi
CCS Mansions of the Lord Arr. Nick Glennie Smith
CCS Only Under God Arr. Jay Rouse
93 Battle Hymn of the Republic ª Arr. Peter Wilhousky
70 The Stars and Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
ª Performed with the Cary Christian School Choir, James Baker, Director.

30th Anniversary Concert
Spooky Music

Friday, October 27, 2017, 7:30 PM
Cary Arts Center - Theater
Cary, NC

Spooky Music Opening
Photo: Mark Rainey

It’s that time of year again when ghosts, goblins, demons, and other spooky things begin to appear in anticipation of Samhain and Halloween – in store windows, at front doors, and even at band concerts, where there’s definitely spooky and haunting music to be heard. How about a marionette’s funeral or a night up on the Bald Mountain or an original macabre dance ballet. In fact, to enhance the spookiness, we'll be joined by dancers from Graceful Expressions Dance Company in two different premier ballets - not to be missed! How about a world premier of a work by a young up and coming Cary composer derived from that music found on the posterior of a denizen of Hades in the Hieronymus Bosch surreal painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. If all this happens along with spooky silly prizes, that will be spooky, but only if you join with us for our 30th Anniversary Concert, an evening of Spooky Music.

There will be a CTB 30th Anniversary reception with a special cake in the Arts Center Lobby following the concert.

Photo: Mark Rainey

See the Spooky Music concert poster

The Concert Silly Prizes for this concert - For attendees who brought their tickets: * First a bag to hold everything.
* For this concert in general –
* a glows-in-the-dark “Spooky” sign to put in your front yard this Halloween.
* A Skull & Bones tea light for wherever you want to put it.
* For general spookiness, a special microphone to make your own “spooky” sounds (in Cary Green, of course).
* For the Dance of the Goblins, a dancing goblin.
* For Danse Macabre, a dancing skeleton.
* For Humanity’s Fall, we look at the OTHER side of the painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” to see the Garden of Eden – and for that, an Apple.
* For The Ludlows from Legends of the Fall, a symbol of the Fall – a real pumpkin.
* For our next number this evening, Sleep, a few things in case you can’t get to sleep – * a box of Chamomile Tea;
* a Sheep – to count while trying to get to sleep;
* and if all that fails and you give up –
* a lovely small casket – with a bat image on the top – and the inside of the casket is filled with 30 Chocolate Kisses to commemorate the 30th year of the CTB and a $15 gift card to any Starbucks.
Congratulations to the drawing winner: Tanya Geiger of Cary, NC.

Concert Performance Order:

118 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine John Philip Sousa
671 Dance of the Goblins Hans Engelmann
518 Funeral March of a Marionette Charles Gounod
Arr. M. C. Meyrelles
656 The Ludlows
From "Legends of the Fall"
Pianist - Kerry Johnston
James Horner
Arr. Sean O'Loughlin
517 Danse Macabre °   (with GEDC) Camille Saint-Saëns
Arr. L. P. Laurendeau
659d Antique Dance
from Symphonic Suite, 4th Movement
Clifton Williams
----- "The Proclamation" declaring Oct 27, 2017
Cary Band Day in Cary, NC
Cary Mayor
Harold Weinbrecht
Mayor Weinbrecht
----- The Rite of Spring - opening
with CTB Winds Octet
Igor Stravinsky.
----- Derrière Song Hieronymus Bosch
Ed. Amelia Hamrick
670 Humanity's FallWorld Premier *
based on the painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch
Andrew Savage
657 Spellbound Jack Wilds
658 Sleep °   (with GEDC) Eric Whitacre
384 Night on Bald Mountain * Modeste Moussorgsky
Arr. William A. Schaefer
672 Dance of the Demon (Encore) Eduard Holst
Arr. Herbert L. Clarke
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
° with dancers fromGraceful Expressions Dance Company in a premier ballet.
Danse Macabre Middle
Danse Macabre - Middle                                                                                       Photo: Mark Rainey  

Danse Macabre NEar End
Danse Macabre - End                                                                                       Photo: Mark Rainey  


Friday, Sep 08, 2017, 7:30 PM
Sertoma Amphitheatre, Bond Park
Cary, NC

Have you ever noticed how many pieces of music have a color in the title – like Red Rose Rag or White Christmas or Black Horse Troop? The band’s first “silly prize” concert this season highlights such works. There may even be music for these color’s variations such as pink, crimson, purple, gray, or grey. (Yes, both spellings.) Join us on this hopefully warm but not too hot late summer evening for lots of musical Colors

See the Colors concert poster

The Concert Silly Prizes for this concert - For attendees who brought their tickets: * First a bag to hold everything.
* For the White Rose March - White Rose scented soap pedals;
* For the Red Rose Rag - Red Rose scented soap pedals;
* For the concert theme, Colors - a giant coloring book, 20 rainbow colored markers, and 16 Tropical rainbow colored Kool Pops popsicles - freeze and serve;
* For Deep Purple - a purple plastic container and inside, purple silverware, purple plates, and 2 purple cloth drink holders;
* For Blaue Augen (Blue Eyes) Polka - a blue-eyed fashion doll in a blue dress;
* For the Gold and Silver Waltz - NO! ... the band could not afford any real gold or silver, BUT we could afford 2 Sharpies in Gold and Silver;
* For Sesame Street Celebration - a set of Muppet greeting cards (with GREEN Kermit the Frog in front, and a bag of "C" is for Cookie freshly baked chocolate chip cookies;
* and lastly - for Devil in the Deep Blue Sea and for the Red Poppy - a nick-knack box with a red poppy on the top and in the box, a few things found in the Deep Blue Sea - a string ray and starfish replica (that get bigger when placed in water), a piranha pencil sharpener, AND a Submarine - actually a gift card for $15 for some sub sandwiches from Jersey Mikes Subs.
Congratulations to the drawing winner: Georgia Moffitt of Cary, NC.

Concert Performance Order:

667 The White Rose March   [White] John Philip Sousa
526 The Old Grey Mare   [Grey] Traditional
Arr. Frank A. Panella
385 Russian Sailor's Dance
(from "The Red Poppy")  [Red]
Reinhold Glière
Arr. Robert Longfield
668 Red Rose Rag    [Red] Percy Wenrich
Arr. J. Bodewalt Lampe
O862 "The Crimson Flush" March
The music is in "the Oraange Book"
Russell Alexander
562 Yellow Dog Blues   [Yellow] W. C. Handy
Arr. H. Qualli Clark
204 Gold and Silver Waltz   [Gold/Silver] Franz Lehár
Arr. L. P. Laurendeau
Revised E. M. Pearson
669 Green Groves March   [Green]
(Zelený Hájové March)
František Kmoch
666 Sesame Street Celebration *
Sesame Street Theme, "C" is for Cookie,
Being Green, Sing       [Green]
Joe Raposo
Arr. Michael Brown
305 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Bassoon Soloists -
    Ethan Creaser, Lucy Eyre     [Blue]
Karl L. King
Gr1 Blaue Augen Polka     [Blue] Jaromír Vejvoda
Arr. Franz Bummerl
290 Deep Purple       [Purple] Peter De Rose
Arr. Paul Yoder
662 The Rainbow Connection    [All] Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher
Arr. John Moss
13 The Black Horse Troop (Encore)
John Philip Sousa
Ed. Frederick Fennell
* Selection requested by band or audience members.

41st Annual
Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival

Saturday, Aug 26, 2017, 09:45 AM
Main Stage - Downtown Cary
Cary, NC

Late August – the dog days of summer – lazy days – the perfect time for the 41st Annual Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival – a day filled with exhibits and shopping and entertainment of all varieties. And what better way to start the festival than with the Cary Town Band on the Main stage – in the morning before the heat of the day. As you start enjoying all the activities, stop by to hear rousing marches, circus melodies, old-timey rags, and a waltz or two.  It will have you tapping your toes and dancing off to see all there is to see at this year’s Lazy Daze Festival.  We’ll see you there.

Concert Performance Order:

122 Golden Jubilee John Philip Sousa
210 Blue Skirt Waltz Václav Bláha & Mitchell Parish
Arr. Philip J. Lang
90a Kaiserwald Polka Werner Baumgart
Arr. Franz Pollak
293 Golden Bear March Joseph John (J. J.) Richards
81b Friesenlied Simon Krannig
Arr. Franz Josel Breue
193 Walking Frog Karl L. King
146 La Paloma Sebastian Yradier
Arr. Theo. M. Tobani
655 Chiquita Banana Song * Garth Montgomery/Len Mackenzie/
William Wirges    Arr. Roland Smeets
665 Wir sind Helden Sebastian Schraml
666 Sesame Street Celebration * Joe Raposo
Arr. Michael Brown
O862 "The Crimson Flush" March Russell Alexander
* Selection requested by band or audience members.