Cary Town Band News

Announcing the 2017 - 2018 Concert Season

Plan NOW to come and enjoy the MOST Economical, Affordable 2017 – 2018 Concert Series in the entire Triangle Area - Five Friday evenings of beautiful band music ALL for the amazingly LOW price of . . . . . $ 00.00 . . . . . . YES --- FREE !!   See the official brochure and print your own NO-cost ticket for the concert. The ticket is a handy reminder to stick on your calendar or refrigerator door - a reminder for a concert you won't want to miss.

As an extra bonus, write your name on the back of the current ticket and bring it to the concert. When you arrive, drop your ticket in the special ticket bag. Sometime during the concert there will be a drawing of one ticket from the bag. The person whose name appears on the back will receive some silly prize to be announced at each concert, probably related in some way to the theme of the concert. It's all in good fun and for more enjoyment of the music.

Of course, more concert details are available here on the web site. Start with the Concerts list and follow each Theme link to find out more. We look forward to seeing you at each and every concert this season. Happy listening! (Don't foget to print your tickets.)

Concert Silly Prize awarded

The third Concert Silly Prizes of the 2017-2018 concert season were awarded Friday evening December 15, 2017, at the Winterfest '17 performance. Audience members who brought with them their NO-cost tickets (and wrote their name on the back) placed them in a prize bag from which one winner was selected. Congratulations to all our winners, listed below.

Everyone is invited to our next concert where a Concert Silly Prize will be awarded, Remember the Circus? on Friday March 02, 2018. The prize winner will be drawn from a ticket bag holding tickets brought with you to the concert, printed from this page. To be eligible for the prize, you must bring your tickets (with your name on the back) with you. See you in December!

Concert Silly Prize - Winners and Prizes:

Prizes are related to the theme of the concert in some way or recall specific musical pieces played.
(A more detailed description of the Silly Prizes may seen with the Concert listings linked to in the table.)

Date Concert Winner Prize
December 15, 2017 Winterfest '17 Margie Maddox
of Cary, NC
a blue and white candle; a Santa Clause just coming down the chimney; a two-pack of cannoli; a 2018 calendar of tropical Hawaiian beaches and a can of Hawaiian pineapple; a holiday mailbox tin filled with a quintet of 5 different flavors of chocolate bars; a Corel(-e) ware bowl; and lastly, a real, live Christmas Rose plant, also known as a Hellebore plant.
October 27, 2017 Spooky Music Tanya Geiger
of Cary, NC
a glows-in-the-dark “Spooky” sign; a Skull & Bones tea light; a special microphone to make your own “spooky” sounds; a dancing goblin; a dancing skeleton; an apple; a real pumpkin; a box of Chamomile Tea; a Sheep; and a small casket and the inside of the casket is filled with 30 Chocolate Kisses to commemorate the 30th year of the CTB and a $15 gift card to any Starbucks.
September 08, 2017 Colors Georgia Moffitt
of Cary, NC
White and Red Rose scented soap pedals; a giant coloring book, 20 colored markers, and 16 Tropical colored Kool Pops popsicles; a purple plastic container with purple silverware, plates, and 2 cloth drink holders; a blue-eyed fashion doll in a blue dress; 2 Sharpies in Gold and Silver; a set of Muppet greeting cards and a bag of chocolate chip cookies; a nick-knack box with a string ray and starfish replica , a piranha pencil sharpener, AND a Submarine - actually a gift card for $15 for some sub sandwiches from Jersey Mikes Subs.
May 05, 2017 May Days Daze Ellie McAlonen
of Fuquay-Varina, NC
“The Real Mother Goose” book; a young queen’s tiara; a growling (Russian) bear; a bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce; four cloth table place mats and a Cinco de Mayo serape; three mini US flags; and a $15 gift certificate good at any Chick-fil-A® restaurant.
March 03, 2017 March Madness Joe Furno
of Cary, NC
a “BEWARE the Ides of March" mirror; a baseball bat, ball, and base markers; memory foam shoe insoles; a box of Lucky Charms; a flashing St. Patrick’s Day necklace; one pair of garden gloves; flower seeds; a Frog garden stake; a bar of Irish Spring original soap; a solar-powered dancing Alien riding a flying saucer; a miniature basketball hoop and ball; a set of clapping hands; and a $25.00 gift card for a meal at one of 6 restaurants – Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse. Bahama Breeze, Season’s Fresh Grill, Yard House, or Red Lobster.
December 16, 2016 Winterfest '16 David Hall
of Wake Forest, NC
Frosty the Snowman paper plates; two holiday drinking glasses; Golden Jingle Bells and Gilded Music Notes; a reindeer hat; a Mercury Glass votive candle holder, with 8 candles. And a refillable lighter, and a $15.00 gift card to Panera Bread, where you can get a coffee and pastry, or soup, salad or sandwiches for a holiday lunch.
November 04, 2016 Election Day Jenni Jondi
of Cary, NC
4 solid (plastic) military action figures; a donkey nose mask; a solar-powered Baby Elephant Drummer; a motion-sensing crow; an Alka-Seltzer tablet; Subtraction Flash Cards, Payday candy bar, and Zero candy bar; a sock purse; a Sun Rise and Sunsets 2017 12-Month Calendar; and a package of President Brie.
September 16, 2016 Full Moon Rising Barbara Scruggs
of Cary, NC
a lilac-scented candle; a little flash light to light your path; a pair of love birds on a mirror; a quintessential North Carolina treat, two Moon Pies; the ultimate protection from vampires – three cloves of garlic; a crazy looking bone with a rag (It’s your own Crazy Bone Rag.); a packet of moonflower seeds for a moonflower vine and a set of basic instructions; a half moon of cheese.
May 20, 2016 Surprise, Surprise! Mildred Velez
of New York City, NY
an ultra-light grasshopper fishing lure with real fish-hooks; 10 Owl (temporary) tattoos; a happy looking Frog garden stake and 2 fly-swatters; a peeping frog key chain; a packet of 12 pirate pencils; a CTB Kazoo; two flavors of Pop-Rock Candy, strawberry and green apple; a Belgian Parachutist, with a CTB green parachute; an “Easy Button” from Staples that says “That was Easy” in 12 different languages; and lastly – Surprise, Surprise! – You get Burges and fries. Here’s a $15.00 gift certificate for anything of your choice from any 5 Guys Burgers.
April 08, 2016 Play With the Band II Rose Phillips
of Cary, NC.
5 saxophone whistles; 5 penny whistles; a motion activated singing Bluebird; a Lone Star for your desk; a snow globe angel; 4 micro-fiber rags to help clean your own junk; a attendant call bell as our Liberty Bell; a ball and bat (in Cary Town Band green); peanuts and crackerjacks; and a $15 gift card good at any Goodberry’s Frozen Custard.
February 19, 2016 For All the Seasons Edna Delfel
of Cary, NC.
For Fall - a package of pumpkin seeds and set of 3 floating pumpkin candles. For Summer – A “Speedy the Turtle” plate that's BPA-free & dishwasher safe. For Spring – seeds for 100 sq ft of wildflowers, seeds for sweet corn, CTB Green Garden Gloves, and a March Hare. For Winter – the novel “Winter Wheat” about growing up in the wheat country of central Montana in the 1940’s.
December 18, 2015 Winterfest '15 Ann Marie McKeveny
of Cary, NC.
a set of Hanukkah window gel clings – a star of David and 5 dreidels; a dreidel full of kosher parve Paskesz candy; a Rudolph with gum balls inside; an LED snow candle with glitter; a snowman taking a sleigh ride with gifts; a set of red Jingle Bells; from Russell Stover, 60 itty bitty chocolate Santas; for Wassailing for the next two weeks, a card for unlimited sodas, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other drinks you may want from any Bruegger’s Bagels shop from now through the end of the year.
October 30, 2015 All Hallows' Eve Eve Pete Barnwell
of Raleigh, NC
a magic towel football; a 3D laser-cut Ferris Wheel model of the first Ferris Wheel in Chicago in 1893 at the World's Columbian Exposition; Halloween stickers and witches hats; a skeleton; marshmallow peeps tombstone markers; A Pageant of Purple products – a purple eraser, purple hair clips, a jar of grape jelly, purple onions, a purple cauliflower, and a purple plum.
September 11, 2015 Gems From Drawer 1 Mary Rose Colman
of Raleigh, NC
200 cents in the form of two pictures of George Washington worth 100 cents each – a George Washington bi-cent-enial prize; a hand-painted glass circus elephant tree ornament; a ceramic wedding cake topper of a loving couple hugging each other; a small bag of rice to throw at the loving couple; a 1.5 oz box of Godiva pearls – milk chocolate; a scented candle, which is labeled as for the virgin de Guadalupe – but it’s really the same virgin; a fifteen dollar gift card good at any Chipotle Mexican Grill.
May 15, 2015 From the British Empire Diane Lewis
of Cary, NC
a Military helmet with flag stickers from countries once part of the British Empire; a ballpoint pen from the Al Amal Carpet Making School located on the Nile River in Egypt; a blue bell; Mortarboard Celebratory Bubbles; a swallow bird tree orniment; Irish Spring Soap Bars; an inflatable flotation ring in CTB green; and something common to every country in the new or old British Empire – a proper cup of tea - in a china cup with matching saucer with a tin of Goldedn Leaf tea bags.
March 27, 2015 Play With the Band Edna Delfel
of Cary, NC
a box of trombones – Trombone is the French word for paper clips; a jar of Breckenridge Farms Kosher Dill Pickles; a vintage clock from the era of Leroy Anderson; a bag of red lentils; an authentic recipe for Red Lentil Soup; a Persian coffee samorar, complete with the glass container and the brass base on which to warm it.
February 13, 2015 Let's Do Lunch Samantha DiSpirito
of Cary, NC
a Mini Chef Kitchen Timer; a small picnic basket; Nabisco Honey Maid Teddy Grahams; a fuzzy little bear; a pair of Pepper and Salt Shakers; a small watermelon; three oranges; from Red Lobster Restaurant on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, two Red Lobster beverage glasses; a lobster cracker; a can of Possum meat; the recipe for making Coon Hound Possum Gravy; for more recipes in a similar vein – a copy of “White Trash Cooking” by Ernest Matthew Mickler; a 6" starlight strawberry cake from Once in a Blue Moon Bakery and Café 115 W Chatham St, Cary; a $50 gift certificate for a dinner for two at the Tribeca Tavern at the corner of High House Road and Davis Drive in Cary, officially at 500 Ledgerstone Way in Cary. We especially thank the companies that donated Silly Prizes this evening. Red Lobster, Once in a Blue Moon Bakery and Café, and the Tribeca Tavern.
December 12, 2014 Winterfest Juergen Rathgeber
of Cary, NC
a Christmas chair cover; a portable non-spill glass; lip balm; a bag of lumps of coal (candy)& a bag of chocolate balls, both in a gift box;a “Word-Search” puzzle book with 75 different holiday word searches; a pair of pens to help search; a motion-sensing musical red cardinal tree ornament; a pair of winter bells; a solstice candle disguised as a cup of Mocha Café Latté; a Christmas Tree cheese spreader; a Santa’s Beard popsicle; a Christmas scarf; And for the Canzon Septimi Toni – one of our members thought it was a song about food – Calzon Septimi Toni – seven Calzones. So, one Calzone – winner provides the other six.
October 24, 2014 Conductor's Corner Anke Chignell
of Apex, NC
a glow wand for conducting your very own band; a little ballerina’s skirt; for those patriotic occasions, a solar refreshed battery operated red, white and blue walkway light; a dozen Festive fringed squawkers; a bottle of extra strength Headache Relief; an Autumn leaves decorated table cover and a set of Autumnal paper plates and napkins to go on that table; a pumpkin donated by Sherherds Way located at the corner of Creedmoor Rd. and Howard Rd. across from the Stonehenge Shopping Center in N. Raleigh; and a $10.00 gift card from Starbucks
September 12, 2014 Raining
Cats and Dogs
Richard Gove
of Apex, NC
a black dancing cat; a can of Meow Mix and a real glass serving dish; a bobble-head puppy dog; a serving of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and a little stuffed tiger; a windup slinky hound; a stuffed lion and dog; a Scooby Doo DVD – Adventures in Hawaii; a gift card for one free salad at Despina’s Café in North Raleigh at 8369 Creedmoor Rd. Raleigh, 27613; a bag of dark chocolate cranberry Granola; and a $10 gift certificate for the Yellow Dog Bread Company, 219 East Franklin Street in Downtown Raleigh, 27604
May 16, 2014 All Request Friday - Redux James Homiller
of Cary, NC.
a sketch pad and 10 colored pencils; a tin of Pure Ground Black Pepper; a pirate game with a treasure map and a mask and a green Granny Smith Apple; a Personal Mini-fan with batteries; supplies for your next march: a bottle for your water, a package of Indulgent Trail Mix, and a box of Safari Bandage Strips for your feet; two French Baguettes, and a bottle of Oscar de la Renta Eau de Toilette bottled in Paris, France.
April 11, 2014 Dancing Around the World Kathy Gloden
of Raleigh, NC.
two waltzing kites; a tall drinking cup to hold lots of your favorite beverage; a wind-up dancing frog; an authentic oriental fan; a package of Hormel Genoa Salimi; a package of shephard's hay; a teaching clock to learn to tell time; and an international rag - a scarf with cloth woven in Japan, made into a scarf in Dubai, purchased by a lady from Baghdad, and hand delivered to America..
February 21, 2014 Czech Mates Lilly Hale
of Morrrisville, NC
a game that leads to a check mate - a chess set; a wall map of the world showing Czechia,; for La Corona four glittered tiaras; for polkas, a pair of polka-dot socks; for Winterstürme, a Winter Promenade snow globe music box that plays “Dashing through the snow”; and for music of Julius Fučík, two reserved-seat tickets to "A Day at the Circus".
Decenber 13, 2013 Winter's Eve Hua Guo
of Cary, NC
two strands of jingle bells; chocolate "Gelt" coins; a headband with two reindeer heads attached, a pair of Christmas socks (little stockings), a Reindeer Jar filled with Lindor chocolate balls, a toy wooden soldier; a string of 10 white LED battery-operated showflake lights; and a jar of Holoman Holiday Pancakes mix (with recipe) and a bottle of Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup.
November 02, 2013
Menacing Music
Eileen Leamy
of Raleigh, NC
a bottle of Louisiana Hot Chili Sause; a "mysterious" (cleaning) rag; a leopard skin sleeping mask after; a Bruegger's Bottomless Mug Tag - good for unlimited free coffee, tea, or soda at any Bruegger's location for the rest of 2013; a Tasmanian Devil stuffed animal; a small solar powered dancing skeleton; and a six foot long stuffed plush snake and the basket it came in.
September 20, 2013 Meadow Melodies Carmen Chasco
of Cary, NC.
a Galloping Firefly windup toy; a book of 60 of Aesop's Fables; a Dalamtion Pez dispenser & extra candy, and five dog bones; an NC State Wolfie chocolate bar; fifteen (lamenting) paper owls; a jar of cotton balls and a cow fan pull extension; two jigsaw puzzles: a tortoise and 2 hares; a Lucite laser cube etched with a vase of tulips; a bath basket with: a busy bee bath mitt, a lizard toy and a frog-shaped scrub, PLUS a tiara of bath gel for the Swan Queen; and from the Old Grey Mare: something for old grey hair - Color Easy Hair Dye.
May 10, 2013 25th Anniversary Concert Barbara Rossi
of Cary, NC.
for the 25th Anniversary, twenty-five cents - a US quarter; for “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, a box of “Elbows” macaroni; for “Presidential Polonaise”, Presidential Mayonnaise – the Chester A. Arthur flavor; for “Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite”, a box of Barnum’s Animal Crackers; and for “Thunder & Blazes”, a “Thunder Tube”, a "musical" instrument that sounds like thunder.
April 05, 2013 Opera-tune-ity (Name withheld by request)
of Cary, NC 
for I Got Plenty of Nuthin' from Porgy and Bess, a small gift box - empty; for Barber of Seville, a disposable razor; for Orpheus in the Underworld, two cans of tomato paste - put together, you have a "can-can"; for Sextette from Lucia & The Marriage of Figaro, a sextette of tuxedo-clad (dark and white) chocolate candies; for William Tell Overture Finale, an apple and a Lone Ranger mask; and for Barber of Seville - Snipet (I Want a Turtle), a turtle wind chime.
February 15, 2013 Girls in the Music Bethany Singer
of Cary, NC 
for Fairest of the Fair, Carnival Funnel Cakes; for Let Me Call You Sweetheart, four boxes of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts and two See’s Candy Scotch Mellow Candy Sweethearts; for Jungle Queen, two Naturally Absorbent Coasters with a Leopard pattern; for Bridal Song, Mexican Wedding Cookies; for Girl in Satin, a set of Disney Princesses (all in Satin) Note Pads; for Wine, Woman, and Song, a wine bottle shaped glass cutting board and two wine glasses.
December 14, 2012 Winter Music – the Sequel Becky Furno
of Cary, NC
for Hanukkah, "Gelt" coins and a snowflake votive holder with 8 candles; for Solstice, a snowman with green sleeves; for Christmas, a Holy Family with Gesú Bambino round knickknack box, sleigh bells door knob string, a Rudolph Pez dispenser (and candy), a giant candy cane, and a small electric timer (for timing "Twenty Carols in 2 Minutes"); For New Years and the rest of the season, a jumbo pen (for writing contribution checks and the like).
Novovember 02, 2012 Yesterdays Remembered Joan Buol
of Garner, NC
for the "Yellow Rose of Texas", a handful of yellow roses; for the Fountain of Youth Overture, a bottle of Oil of Beauty lotion; for La Forza del Destino, a magic 8-ball for telling fortunes; for A Song for Japan, a set of chop sticks; for The Man Who Invented Music, a bass drum and an elephant hand puppet; and for Water Music, a Bruegger's Bottomless Mug Tag - good for unlimited free coffee, tea, or soda at any Bruegger's location for the rest of 2012.
September 14, 2012 Sticky Music Barbara Shepard
of Cary, NC
a bottle of School Glue, a set of Sticky Post-it notes, a Lint Roller with 50 adhesive sheets, a bag of bubble gum, a package of Velcor Sticky Back strips, a Jumbo Sticky Bun, and the musical bat used to un-stick the Professor Fate "stuck CD playback" gag.
May 11, 2012 Planes, Trains, …, and Other Janet Stewart
of Cary, NC
For Walking: a set of three Silly Slinky Dogs; For Horses: a Horse and Ponies coloring book - filled with ALL white horses; For Trains: a set of eight Thoms the Train party whistles; For Automobiles: a Hot Wheels 1972 Ford Grand Torino sport car; For Planes: a Scobby-Doo airplane candy fan; and for all transportation modes: a faux leather travel document pouch.
March 30, 2012 Music By the Numbers Carolyn Hammerle
of Cary, NC
For “Turkey in the Straw” (Folk Rhapsody No. 3), a turkey candle and a straw. For numbers: a SUDOKU book; a figurine of Count von Count; a "Solo Elmo" w/ shirt # 1; 2 Hershey’s Nuggets (Special Dark Chocolate w/ Almonds); 3 Hershey’s Nuggets (Milk Chocolate w/ Almonds); 4 bird’s nests stickers; 84 M&M’s; 92 colored Goldfish; 99 mixed nuts; a 100 GRAND candy bar; and a solar powered large key calculator (w/ battery backup).
February 24, 2012 Huzzah! The Old North State Jan Rettig
of Cary, NC
a cardinal note card, a cheese spreader topped with a cardinal sitting atop a long-leaf pine cone, a jar of Mt. Olive Dill Pickles, a Mt. Olive Pickle Company gift pack pickle assortment to be delivered, an aluminum cooking tray, and a package of cotton candy.
December 09, 2011 Winter Music Carol Ulrich
of Raleigh, NC
for Winter - a snowflake ornament; for Hanukkah - a dreidel Hanukkah card; for Solstice - a scented Solstice candle; and for Christmas - his & hers reindeer headbands, Santa cups and napkins, jingle bells door hanger, candy in a candy jar, candy cane ornaments, paddle ball, one million dollar candy bar, and a copy of The Night before Christmas, autographed by Greg Fishel.
October 22, 2011 Hunting for Halloween Keith Brickman
of Cary, NC
magician's magic glow wands, skull-crest drinking cup, skulls necklace, pumpkin snow globe, a slide whistle, a small stuffed dog, a 42" high Scobby Doo stuffed dog, a coupon for ROGAINE, and a pumpkin ghost basket to hold it all (except the big dog).
September 02, 2011 Labors of the Day JoAnne Sherwin
of Cary, NC
a copy of newspaper USA Today, a used minor-league baseball, a porcelain figurine of a Kissing Couple, a book - "201 Stupid but True Stories of the World's Dumbest Criminals", a Teddy Bear, and Teddy Bear's Picnic Basket with small animal finger puppets, Teddy's friends.
May 06, 2011 March Around the World Gayle Haines
of Cary, NC
for New Orleans and "When the Saints Go Marching In", a box of Zatarain's® Black Beans and Rice and a box of pasta; for "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite", a box of (Circus) Animal Crackers.
March 25, 2011 American Heritage Came with tickets:
Arleon Orndorff
of Cary, NC

Got tickets at the door:
Jean Hausey
of Cary NC
The American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition; a small Whitman Chocolate Sampler box; and three US state quarters: Iowa and Kentucky (for numbers in the concert), and North Carolina.

a toy hoe/rake garden tool and a pair of garden gloves for Hoe Down.
February 11, 2011 Vienna - City of Dreams Came with tickets:
I. Justick
of Cary, NC

Got tickets at the door:
Dani Feierstein
of Cary NC
for Morning, Noon and Night In Vienna, morning glory seeds and coffee for the morning, sunflower seeds and a Coca Cola for noon, and moon flower seeds and decaf coffee for night; plus hand-made European chocalate mushrooms, as in the Vienna Woods, and for Im Krapfenwald'l, jelly-filled Munchkin doughnuts.

two small tins of Vienna sausages.
December 10, 2010 For the Holidays Francis Underwood
of Cary, NC
winter wonderland dish towels, a dip mix bowl, and miniature seasonal cards.
October 22, 2010 Move Your Feet Lisa Tichavsyo
of Cary, NC
paper napkins printed with western boots, a bookmark printed with "Dance from story to story", a packet of tissues, and a picture frame with a ballet slippers tassle including a picture of the 1987 Cary Town Band (the picture on the top of the History page - left quarter).
September 10, 2010 In the Army Now Ann Barns
of Raleigh, NC
an official Army combat uniform design backpack filled with three footballs, nine cold-weather pullover fleece hats, and six Army tee-shirts all with the DSTB (Division Special Troops Battalion) logo.
May 21, 2010 All Request Friday Rick Cornell
of Cary, NC
pine tree auto air freshener, an elephant hand puppet (that he immediately gave to a young audience member), elephant-size candy peanuts, and a cowboy hat.
April 16, 2010 Sea Songs Alain Marquis
of Cary, NC
a beach ball, a shark float, a course sea salt grinder (and salt) and two soaps shaped as a starfish and a scallop shell.
March 12, 2010 At the Theater Kerry Johnston
of Cary, NC
two bags of microwave movie popcorn, two soft drinks (in cans), and assorted chocolate bars.
February 05, 2010 Wintering in the Middle East Sheila Davis
of Cary, NC
a set of dish towels (Turkish Towels, of course), and a set of three Middle Eastern spices - Baharat, Saffron, and Karkadai - actually obtained recently from a market in Cairo by our piccolo soloist, Liz Holoman. Accompanying the spices were recipe suggestions.
December 11, 2009 A Carolina Christmas Lynn Plessinger
of Cary, NC
a box of Christmas Monkey Bread mix, two jingle bell sets, a porcelain Tin Soldier candy container, a small lighted Santa snow globe, and a Christmas wrap bag to carry it all.
October 30, 2009 A Musical Harvest Jim Paris
of Cary, NC
a Halloween notepad, pencil, other small Halloween trinkets, a bag of Cotton Balls, and a pumpkin to carry it all
September 25, 2009 Colors of Autumn Louise Eaglesfield
of Raleigh, NC
three oranges and a red rose.

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    The Gifting Tree Project

    Cary Town Band participated in the Town of Cary Gifting tree this year. We decorated a Christmas tree with a musical theme. It was located on Academy Street directly across the street from the Library. We had the potential to win $500. We did not win, but we tried. Thank you to all who went online and voted for our tree.

    The Gifting Tree Project: Organizations, businesses and schools have lined the streets of Downtown Cary with 27 beautifully decorated trees, which are part of Heart of the Holiday celebration. Citizens were encouraged to vote for their favorite tree at 2014 Gifting Tree Project. The winning tree will have a $500 donation made to the non-profit group of its choice. Voting ended on December 20, 2014. For more, Heart of the Holidays. Thank you for your support

    Gifting Tree
    Photo courtesy of Cindy Sinkez

  • Cary Citizen highlights the Cary Town Band (21-May-14)

  • Cary Town Band Honored with
    "Partner Organization of the Year" Award

    On Tuesday evening February 25, 2014, at the 2014 Volunteer Recognition Banquet held by the Town of Cary – Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Department, the Cary Town Band was awarded the 2014 “Partner Organization of the Year” Award. Receiving the award on behalf of the band were Director Stuart Holoman and Town Liaison Cindy Sinkez. From the notes in the banquet program:

    Partner Organization of the Year Award
    This award is presented to a non-profit, civic, school, club, or other organization that has partnered with the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources (PRCR) Department to help the department achieve its mission and goals; contributes to the enhancement of life in Cary; and has made a significant impact on the quality of life for Cary’s citizens. This Organization has volunteered time and resources that have positively impacted the programs and services of the Cary PRCR.”

    To say the least, this is a tremendous honor for the band and all of its members. It testifies to a recognition by the PRCR and the Town of Cary of the contribution we have made to the cultural life of the citizens of Cary. And we have done this while having fun and working hard making the great music that we all love. Collectively and each member individually has volunteered their time and talents to make a significant contribution to the Town. This service has been noted and noticed in a most public way. This award belongs to each and every one of the members. We are very proud to have received this honor! We are the Cary Town Band, Cary’s Town Band!

    CTB Award 2014
    CTB Award 2014
    Photo: Liz Holoman
    CTB Award 2014
    Sinkez, Holoman, & Mayor Harold Weinbrecht
    Photo courtesy of Town of Cary
    CTB Award 2014
    2014 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners
    Photo courtesy of Town of Cary

  • Cary Magazine highlights arts in Cary, including the Cary Town Band (December 2013 Archive)

  • The Cary News highlights the Band.

  • Struffolino / Hammerle Honored

    At the mid-point of the band's 25th Anniversary Concert, the band officially recognized and honored long time volunteer Kay Struffolino. Kay has been a faithful supporter helping out the band with its promotions and at its concerts since we started in 1988. More recently she became an official Associate Member of the band, coordinating all the non-musician aspects of presenting concerts in our various venues. In recognition of her devoted service, the band presented her with a wooden, felt-lined, hinged top box with the Town of Cary logo carved into its lid. On the inside cover was mounted a placard that read, "Cary Town Band honors Kay Struffolino. For twenty five years of service as an invaluable volunteer for the Cary Town Band, presented this 10th day of May, 2013." In addition she received a silver G-clef necklace and chain to recognize her love of music in all its forms. For all the years you've been with us, Kay, our deepest and sincere Thank You!!

    Following the presentation to Mrs. Struffolino, the band presented the band's founder, Jim Hammerle (also guest conductor at this concert and current percussionist) with a new set of percussion wire brushes to replace his old set, worn out after decades of keeping the beat for our and others musical organizations. Thank you, Jim, for all your years of dedicated service to and direction of the Cary Town Band.

    Ashworth Takes the Baton

    The band was treated to a surprise guest conductor at the 2013 National Train Day event at the Cary Amtrak Station Saturday morning May 11. Ralph Ashworth, founder of Ashworth's Drugs in downtown Cary and long time avid supporter of the Cary Town Band over all the years since its inception, came over to say "Hi" to the band as it was preparing to play its last number at the event, Karl King's "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite", a fast-paced circus march. Director Stuart Holoman handed Ashworth his baton and asked him to lead the band. With a big smile on his face, Ashworth took the baton and enthusiastically led the band to a rousing finish to the day's concert. Supporters like Mr. Ashworth have always been vital to the success of the band, and having him lead us to another successful concert conclusion was indeed an honor. Thank you, Ralph!

    Ralph Ashworth
    Photo courtesy of Cindy Sinkez

    A Multi-cultural Event at the November 02 Concert

    As part of the multi-cultural Music and Fire event sponsored by the Town of Cary, the Cary Town Band presented Yesterdays Remembered Friday, November 02, 2012, at 7:30 pm in the theater at the Cary Arts Center in downtown Cary, NC. As with all concerts by the band, admission was free with open seating. Incorporating music recalling our recent and not so recent past, the concert featured the premier of another multi-cultural "event" - a presentation of Don Gillis' "The Man Who Invented Music". This concert was planned and programmed as the pinnacle of the Fall '12 season, if not the entire '12-'13 concert season. As a formal "concert hall" concert with more challenging music, the band appeared in more traditional concert dress. More unusual for the band, there was even a short intermission to make small adjustments to the stage.

    Following the concert, – a multi-cultural event in itself – the audience was encouraged to go across Dry Avenue out front to the Performance Green to witness the grand reveal of Danish artist Nina Hole’s Monumental Fire Sculpture. The reveal started at 10 p.m. when guests watched the sculpture literally be set into stone. That was the Fire.

    First there was the Music. The concert was built around the theme of Yesterdays Remembered, celebrating memories of our collective past and in a few cases, a very specific individual’s past shared with us all.

    The concert opened with music more typical of an evening with the Town band. Recalling our yesterdays began with the legend of Robin Hood with Frederic Curzon's "March of the Bowmen" and the legend of "The Fountain of Youth" with an overture by Karl King. Another overture contemplated Fate with Verdi's "La Forza Del Destino", The Force of Destiny. The recent tsunami in Japan was memorialized in a new work by Steven Verhelst, "A Song for Japan" featuring trombone soloist Yoshi Nakamura. And of course there was a Leroy Anderson melody in "The Girl I left Behind Me". A younger America was reflected in Charles Carter's setting of six familiar folk melodies - "American Legacy No. 1". This portion closed by boating on the River Thames with King George I to excerpts from Handel's "Water Music".

    The post-intermission program began with the awarding of the Concert Silly Prize followed by the premier of the original, multi-cultural production of Don Gillis' "The Man Who Invented Music". The production featured, for the first time anywhere, narration incorporated as a radio play, with actors from the Cary Players and a young actress from Applause! Cary Youth Theater. For the actors and actress, this setting provided a venue to explore an old theater form - the radio play with musical accompaniment. For the studio audience, the story was visually realized by an accompanying original ballet for young dancers featuring choreography by Suzanne Murley with Stuart Holoman and dancers from the Cary Ballet Company and Petite Ensemble. It provided dancers, especially the younger ballet corps, an opportunity to perform an original story-based ballet with live music from a larger ensemble. The concert closed with the area premier of an unusually recent work from 2008, Samuel Hazo's "Our Yesterdays Lengthen Like Shadows", the original inspiration for the theme of the entire concert. This remarkable work, structured around a single note that is ever present throughout, is deeply contemplative, recalling the fading shadows of days past. For an encore the band reverted to traditional style with Carl Teike's Old Comrades German march. We put it all together for a most memorable evening of music with our Yesterdays Remembered.

    The cast for The Man Who Invented Music is listed below the program list for the Yesterdays Remembered concert.

    Guest Conductor at Summerfest 4th of July Concert

    The Cary Town Band welcomed a guest conductor at its annual appearance in the Summerfest 4th of July 2012 concert at Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary’s Regency Park. After the Summerfest gates opened at 3:00 pm, the band started a raffle where anyone who wished to conduct the band could register for a drawing the be held during the concert. Of course, you had to be present to win. The lucky winner was Clayton Horney (pronounced Hor-nay’) of Cary, an Army veteran who had recently returned from combat duty. A friend of his actually signed him up, saying, “Clayton was a tad shy.” As the band prepared for its last number in the concert, Horney was invited to the stage where he mounted the podium and was given the baton and a ten-second conducting lesson by director Stuart Holoman. Together they started John Philip Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever. Holoman quickly left the podium to play his own instrument, leaving Horney in full control of the band playing America’s National March. All agreed he did a fine job of leading the band. At the conclusion, after bowing to the audience, Horney received a souvenir baton to remember the occasion. He said he was really grateful for the opportunity to conduct the band and said he had a blast. Congratulations to you, Clayton Horney, and thank you for your service.

    Cary Town Band Day Proclaimed

    Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht has proclaimed July 3, 2012 as Cary Town Band Day in the Town of Cary. The mayor was the guest speaker for the band’s 25th Annual Patriotic Celebration concert at the Sertoma Amphitheatre in Bond Park on the afternoon of July 3. He spoke about The Spirit of America, the theme for this year’s presentation. But he opened his remarks by reading the proclamation to the delighted crowd and then officially presented it to the band. The proclamation was a complete surprise to most everyone present, especially Director Stuart Holoman, who accepted the printed proclamation on behalf of the band. Holoman stated at the time that he was speechless, noted by many as a most unusual condition for him. Despite the intense heat of the afternoon and the looming threat of thunderstorms that would have cut the event short, the concert was performed without any weather-related interruptions. The band deeply appreciates this great honor bestowed by the mayor and the Town of Cary. We will endeavor to continue to be worthy of such recognition in the years to come.

    Cary Town Band Day
    click to enlarge

    Clarinet Soloist Jim Williams Plays John Williams

    The Cary Town Band is very pleased to be joined by clarinet soloist Jim Williams in a performance of the concert piece Viktor's Tale by John Williams as part of the Planes, Trains, ..., and Other concert on May 11, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Sertoma Amphitheatre in Bond Park This piece was used as a recurring theme and for end-credits for the 2004 Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, directed by Steven Speilberg. It's a performance you will not want to miss. As his schedule allows, Jim will also be sitting in with the clarinet section for other numbers on the concert.

    Jim has been principal clarinetist with the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle since 2001. He is also principal with the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra and Tar River Orchestra, and has appeared as soloist with both. He plays with the North Carolina Wind Orchestra, Tar River Symphonic Band and many other area organizations.

    Jim was born in California, but grew up in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He received a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Florida and a Master's in Clarinet Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music.

    Jim is currently a Senior Programmer/Analyst with Phoenix Physicians, a company that staffs Emergency Departments.

    Jim Williams

    Greg Fishel joins with the Band for Winter Music

    The band was joined by a very special guest performer at the Winter Music concert December 9, 2011 at the Cary Senior Center in Bond Park. WRAL's Greg Fishel, the Triangle area's favorite weather man (and occasional tuba player), performed with the band and narrated a delightful adaptation of Clement Moore's Twas the Night Before Christmas by American composer Newell H. Long.

    Wikipedia says that Moore's "poem, which has been called 'arguably the best-known verses ever written by an American', is largely responsible for the conception of Santa Claus from the mid-nineteenth century to today, including his physical appearance, the night of his visit, his mode of transportation, the number and names of his reindeer, as well as the tradition that he brings toys to children."

    Over the years there have been many musical arrangements that serve as a background to a reading of Clement's poem. But in the 1949 band setting by Newell Long, the spoken verse and music are intricately interwoven with original melodies, snippets of musical phrases from other popular seasonal works, and the narration incorporated as another musical instrument. It is by far the most delightful rendition available today.

    We are greatly honored that Mr. Fishel - Greg to all that know him - took the time from his busy schedule to perform this work with us this year. It takes a musician with a special sense of timing and humor to perform this "right", and he certainly has that. He also played tuba on other numbers in the concert. Thank you, Greg!

    Tux, Ball Gowns, and Dancers for Concert

    Playing to a capacity audience at the Vienna - City of Dreams concert held Friday evening February 11, 2011 in the ballroom of the Cary Senior Center in Bond Park, the band created the atmosphere of a Viennese Ball, eschewing the usual green-coat Town Band uniforms and appearing in elegant tux and ball gowns. They were later joined by dancers in full costume from the Little German Band and Dancers. The dancers waltzed away as the band played Viennese waltzes. Toward the end, some waltzed with young people from the audience as a few older couples from the audience joined in. Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of a portion of the "Akordeon Lektur" by 88-year old Herr Profesor Doktor Ingenieur Hans Stadelmier, recreating his performances from 30 years ago. He closed by playing on the accordian the title tune for the concert, Vienna, the City of Dreams. It was an elegant concert, enthusiastically enjoyed by those who were fortunate enough to attend.

    Fire alarm disrupts concert

    A fire alarm went off right in the middle of the Cary Town Band's Move Your Feet concert held Friday evening October 22, 2010 in the ballroom of the Cary Senior Center in Bond Park. The opening introduction to Leroy Anderson's Blue Tango was just finishing as the alarm sounded. Fortunately, the alarm did not sound in the middle of a piece. Audience and band members looked at each other and decided it was, in fact, necessary to evacuate the building. Everyone exited quietly and in a very orderly fashion out into the cool evening, portable instruments and all. Director Stuart Holoman then went to investigate the alarm and was informed by Senior Center personnel that it was a false alarm, but that the Town of Cary fire department would be responding. An unidentified person had pulled the wall alarm trigger in the hall connecting the ballroom and the main office area. There was no fire. The band and audience were told it was a false alarm and began to filter back into the ballroom, but the alarm continued to flash and sound - very loudly - until the fire department arrived some time later and deactivated it. At that point, the concert continued with no further outside interruptions. Also fortunately, the cool evening air had not caused the wind instruments to react by drastically changeing their intonation, as can so often happen in these circumstances. Audience members seemed unphased by the interruption and enjoyed the concert that finished about 30 minutes later than originally expected. Their general reaction was that it was a great concert - interruption and all.

    Fort Bragg fire forces cancellation of Independence Eve speaker.

    CW2 Russell J. Houser, U.S. Army Bandmaster and Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division "All American" Band was the scheduled speaker at the Cary Town Band's July 3rd 2010 Independence Eve celebration at Sertoma Amphitheatre in Bond Park, Cary, NC. His presentation, entitled "Band in Sand", would recount his band's recent deployment in Afghanistan providing music for soldiers stationed there and working with Afghani musicians, sharing music and traditions with their American counterparts.

    A fire at Fort Bragg Friday afternoon July 2nd destroyed the band's rehearsal location including all their instruments, uniforms, and their entire music library. Because his band was to provide a major portion of Fort Bragg's July 4th celebration, two days later, bandmaster Houser's priorities immediately and completely understandably shifted from being a guest speaker at the CTB concert to finding music, instruments, and all the infrastructure required for his band to meet their concert obligations at Fort Bragg. Within minutes after the fire was reported, Houser had contacted CTB director Stuart Holoman to explain the situation and begin finding needed music and instruments. By the afternoon of July 3rd Houser reported his surprise and sincere gratitude for the outpouring of assistance offered from both military and area community sources. He expressed his regret for having to miss the CTB concert, where he was also going to have the unusual opportunity to play his French horn and not just conduct. As schedules and assignments allow, he has already been invited to speak at next year's Independence Eve celebration by the CTB.

    The time allotted for his presentation was filled by adding an additional piece not included in the original CTB program - Pirates of the Caribbean Suite by Klaus Badelt, music from the movie The Curse of the Black Pearl. There was a "song & dance" explanation added as to how "Pirates of the Caribbean" actually complimented the concert theme - Band in Sand - something about a "band of pirates on sandy beaches of Caribbean islands".

    If circumstances allow, the 82nd Airborne Division "All American" Band will present a joint concert themed In the Army Now with the Cary Town Band at 7:30 PM on Friday evening September 10, 2010, at Sertoma Amphitheatre in Cary's Bond Park.

    Sad News

    It is with great sadness that members of the Cary Town Band received word on Sunday July 26, 2009 of the passing of Mildred Wade Phelps at the age of 90. Mildred served as our ever-faithful bass drummer and cymbal player from the band's beginnings in 1987. (You can see her standing next to the band banner in the picture at the top of the History page.) She officially retired from the band in early 2009. Her dedicated service was celebrated during the "Changing of the Guard" concert on March 06, 2009. (The concert list is accompanied by a picture of Mildred in full uniform from a concert in November, 2007.) She will be sorely missed.