Cary Town Band Music Lists

Music lists for upcoming concerts are listed below.
These lists are preparatory and subject to change.
They are for future planning and promotions.

Remember the Circus?

Friday, March 02, 2018, 7:30 PM
Cary Arts Center - Theater
Cary, NC

The Greatest Show on Earth may have stopped its trains and folded its tents for the last time, but the world of the circus is still with us – and at the time it used to show up in our area each year. Remember the Grand Entrance parade with Thunder and Blazes, the seal act with Walking Frog, the aerialists flying above to The Crimson Pedal, the big cats in The Big Cage, the Grand Finale with Barnum & Bailey's Favorite, and many more in the three rings in between. For kids of all ages, come one, come all and enjoy the grand spectacle as we answer the question, do you Remember the Circus?

Numbers will be selected from: **

11 Barnum & Bailey's Favorite March Karl L. King
21 At the Circus Heywood S. Jones
24 Circus Echoes Arthur Wellesley Hughes
80 Thunder & Blazes
Entry of the Gladiators
Julius Fučík
Arr. L. P. Laurendeau 
182 The Magic Garden Karl L. King
183 Pahjamah Stephen R. Henry & David Onivas
193 Walking Frog Karl L. King
194 Over the Stars Karl L. King
214 Jungle Queen George D. Barnard
233 The Crimson Petal (Valse Caprice) Fred Jewell
237 Parade of the Elephants Ed Chenette
246 The Big Cage Karl L. King
254 Southern Roses Waltz - King Karl L. King
433 The Death of Custer Lee Johnson
pdf Siamesiche Wachtparade Paul Lincke
pdf Circus Bee Henry Fillmore
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.

Friday the 13th

Friday, April 13, 2016, 7:30 PM
Cary Arts Center - Theater
Cary, NC

Do you suffer from triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) or worse, yet, paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th)? If so, THIS is the concert for you! We celebrate the number 13 and specifically this particular April Friday the 13th – and play music that absolutely demonstrates that such phobias may be well founded – or not. Who can resist Wooster’s Black Cat Rag or Missaud’s The Salem Witches (13 witches in a coven). We’ll include Cujus Animam from the Stabat Mater by Rossini (who died on a Friday the 13th), Wagner’s Good Friday Music (from Parsifal), and so much more – some quite lucky, with Silly Prizes, too. Challenge your phobias and join us as we luckily, musically investigate Friday the 13th.

Numbers will be selected from: **

381 The Waltzing Cat Leroy Anderson
560 Mr. Thomas Cat Milton H. Hall
267 Cujus Animam
(from Stabat Mater)
Gioacchino Rossini
Arr. Lumir C. Havlicek
pdf In the Clock Store Charles J. Orth
Arr. Charles Bach
pdf The Salem Witches (March) Jean M. Missud 
pdf Good Friday Music
(from Parsifal)
Richard Wagner
Arr. Dan Godfrey
661 The Black Cat Rag Frank Wooster, Ethyl Smith
Arr. Doug Hartzell
X03 Triskaidekaphobia Josh Gottry
Finale March No. 13 Amilcare Ponchielli
Ed. Howey
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.