Cary Town Band Music Library

Printed Music Library

The Cary Town Band music library consists of over 500 pieces printed as separate selections and another 150 pieces printed in collections in small books. The director and music librarian maintain a catalog of all the printed music available in the music library. The catalog indicates the assigned library number and published title of each piece. For a more complete description of this catalog, see Cary Town Band Policies Section II.a. The music catalog is usually sorted in two orders: (1) Library Number order where the sheet music is listed first followed, if at all, by the books and their contents; (2) Published Title alphabetical order that allows leading numbers in the title to be properly sorted, with numerals preceding letters. This latter listing includes all titles in the library from both sheet music and book contents.

The catalog listings, sorted in both orders, is periodically distributed to members as printed pages or as Excel spreadsheets. This allows members to share and translate music lists by naming only library numbers. This is made available so that members and non-members may peruse the library and, perhaps, make requests for works to be included in concerts. In the near future, this page will also have a section where at least the Published Title lexicographic order for the entire library including book contents is presented along with the composer names.

The two orders of catalog listings described above are also included here and may be printed out for your use.

The total library itself is maintained as a “semi-distributed library”, divided between one central library location, holding the bulk of the pieces (maintained by the music librarian); and an individual Concert Folio (maintained by each member) holding "Current Music", "Pending Music", and a collection of pieces maintained in an "Instant Concert" Folder for use on short notice or smaller concerts.

The practices used to move pieces from the central library to a members' Folio and vice versa is detailed in the Cary Town Band Policies, Section II.b.

Scanned Music Library

In addition to the printed music, there are another 800 selections (with a little duplication) of strictly public domain music available as scanned pdf files that can be printed as needed. A catalog of these files may be accessed here. If you have an interest in reading any particular selection, you should contact the music librarian or the director to gain access to the related pdf files.

Requests for Music

The band actively solicits requests from members and the listening audience for selections they would like to perform or listen to. The themes for each concert and a preliminary list of works to include are selected well in advance of a concert date. The selected works, however, can always be changed or augmented as the date draws closer - allowing the inclusion of requests, especially if they fit the theme.

Requests for works to be scheduled should be made to the Director in writing, e.g., via email. A few ground rules apply, however:

  • All requests must be selected from the existing library, as detailed in either the printed music catalog or the scanned music catalog.
  • If the requestor believes the request fits into an already scheduled theme, or is suitable as an “anchor piece” for a future theme selection, this should be made known along with the request.
  • If the request fits neither of the criteria above, a specific concert date may be requested that is no sooner than two months from the date of the request.
  • Works with multiple requests will receive higher priority for inclusion.
  • The final decision for inclusion remains with the director.
  • If a request is scheduled, the requestor will be notified, usually via an email, of the date on which the request will be included.
  • If a request is deemed unsuitable, for whatever reason, the requestor will be notified of that decision, usually via an email.

The band as a whole strongly believes that we should play what we enjoy playing and our listeners should be listening to music they enjoy listening to. This “Request” practice hopefully works to help satisfy that desire.