Membership in the Cary Town Band

Membership in the Cary Town Band is initiated by mutual interest followed by an informal audition. New members are invited on the basis of musical ability and commitment to the band.

The audition process we use is very informal. We do not have you come in and play prepared works and sight-read something. Instead, we ask that you attend two or three rehearsals and play the music we are currently rehearsing for our next concert beside our members. That way we get to hear you play, hear how well you sight-read (although that is a benefit, not a requirement), and get to know you a little. We consider these “auditions” as auditions of us as well – you get to meet members, see how you like us, and experience the music and our performance and style directly. We feel this is a better, less tension-filled way to “audition”. The band plays music generally at the Grade 3 - 4 level with the occasional selection at Grade 5 - 6. Good sight reading skills are a plus but not required.

If, after a few weeks, we mutually agree that you and the band are a “good fit,” we will extend an invitation for you to become a tenured member. If you accept, you are making a commitment to the band to rehearse and perform regularly with us. Once a member, your cooperation and commitment to the CTB maintains your membership. Please note - that last sentence is very important to us.

(Please note on the Members Page that the band has no formal Saxophone section, instead using members who double on other instruments.)

The band currently has official openings for especially percussion and then Eb clarinet, French Horn, and Euphonium BC
and some "unofficial" openings in most all sections.

In addition, we are always looking for players of all instruments to join our substitutes list as well.

For more information, please contact the director.