Cary Town Band Music Folders and Contents

The Cary Town Band maintains a "semi-distributed" music library system comprised of:

  • a central library maintained by the music librarian;
  • distributed music in a member-maintained Concert Folio,
    a (very) dark green heavy-duty leatherette folder.

    Concert Folio

    Inside, this Folio is subdivided into two halves. Each half may be used to store distrubited music as members see fit. The white text in the picture below shows one suggestion.

  • Folio-halves

Music is perodically moved between the central Library and member Folios usually in "manila concert folders", one folder for each scheduled concert for each member.

Concert Folder
  • For distribution from the Library to a member, a manila concert folder is filled with a "planned music list" and the corresponding music for the member's parts for each selection on the list.

    This folder is placed in a green hanging "distribution folder", one per member labeled with the member's name, kept in a "distribution bin".

    Distribution Folder Distribution Bin

    Occasionally, if/when a piece is added to a planned concert list after the concert folders have been filled and distributed, the member's music for that piece alone will be placed in their distribution folder.

  • At the beginning of every rehearsal, members should check in their distribution folder for any new concert folders and, if present, move them to the Concert Folio. If there are loose pieces in the distributon folder, these should be moved to the appropriate manila concert folder in the Concert Folio based on notes provided (usually via email) by the director or librarian.

  • For collection from a member to the Library, at the conclusion of each concert, members will place all music played or planned for that concert into the corresponding manila concert folder (in numerical order) and put the complete folder in a collection bin provided by the librarian, who will return the music to the central library.

A more complete description of this process is provided in the CTB Policies, Section II.b.

The exact content of the member-maintained Folio is frequently changed based on upcoming music needs. Listed below are the manila concert folders that currently should be found in a member's Folio. The list of music that should be in a given manila concert folder can be seen by following the concert "name/theme" links. Whenever the current Folio contents change, these listings will be updated accordingly.

Current Concert Folio Contents

The Concert Folio contains music to be rehearsed for possible inclusion in the next or more future concerts and associated manila concert folders for each concert.

The Concert Folio should currently contain:

  • The "Americana Collection" (Blue Book);

  • One or more manila concert folders, each containing music
    for an upcoming concert, available for rehearsal anytime.
    Concert manila folders that should be in the Folio now:

  • Occasionally, a manila Instant Concert folder containing a
    small collection of music for casual or quickly planned concerts.
    Currently not distributed.

If you have music other than that listed above, please turn it in at your next opportunity.