About the Cary Town Band Bandstand

From 1996 to 2005, the Cary Town Band presented four free Friday Night outdoor concerts each Spring and Fall at its bandstand, located adjacent to the Cary Swim Club at the corner of Walnut and Tanglewood Streets in Cary, near Cary Towne Center. This bandstand was built by the CTB members themselves, who donated over 2200 work hours and materials costing $20,000.

The bandstand was surrounded by a large grassy area for audiences to spread blankets or lawn chairs or use one of the dozen picnic tables provided by the band.  There were usually sodas, a popcorn machine and occasionally other food items available for purchase.  During concerts the area immediately in front of the bandstand was frequently populated by small children, dancing or marching or singing to the music coming from just above them. It was a venue created to provide that relaxed "town band" experience of a hundred years ago, complete with the music of that era an experience seldom found in these frenetic times.

During these years, the CTB also sponsored an additional four to five Friday Night concerts by other groups at the bandstand each Spring and Fall.

One of most popular concerts at the bandstand was the annual Sunday Afternoon in Spring Hometown Band Festival.  Local community bands the Chapel Hill Village Band, Durham Community Concert Band, and Raleigh Concert Band joined the CTB for a full afternoon of music. Each band played a 45 minute concert.  Then, as a grand finale, all four bands would gather on the bandstand yes, it was crowded and altogether play John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever".  It is said the music could be heard all the way to Cary Towne Center.

This venue was vacated and the structure demolished in 2006.